What We Offer

A variety of affordable medi-alert programs to fit your emergency needs. Watch our video to learn more about what we offer.

medical alarm alert pendant



Start by simply choosing the best medi-alert program and plan.

Basic Medi-Alert Program

Today, with so many Americans entering their senior years our medical alert alarms allows you to continue living the way you always have in your own home.

At the push of your waterproof emergency help button your medical emergency will be responded to 24 / 7. Simply choose the pendant or wristband style transmitters. Both are waterproof and lightweight.


Auto Fall Medi-Alert Program

With traditional medical-alert services your button must be pushed in order to summons help.

What if you could not push the button?

Our NEW Auto Fall Alert Button will summons help even if you can’t push the button. Now that’s comforting.

Auto Fall Pendants are available in a necklace or belt clip style.

Both are waterproof.

Nurse Call Fall Alert Program

Press the WHITE (Nurse-Line) button. You are connected to our 24-hour Nurse-Line Center through our Console.

Our call center partners with over 30 hospitals and more than 1,000 physicians to provide you access to unmatched healthcare information.

This partnership is unique in the industry today. Auto Fall Alert Pendant available in a necklace style only.


GPS – SOS Lifeline Program

We want to advance your home protection and have added the New GPS Pendant that travels with you giving you the ability to summons for help away from your home.

This is the new extension of your home program. Now, you can also be protected when you leave your home.

This product is well warranted in the scope of today’s world. *GPS Not Sold Separately.


For less than .70 cents a day we can all have peace of mind. Yes…our medical alarms prices are low but why shouldn’t they be? Especially in today’s economy our Seniors are feeling it the most. So therefore, if you could sell your products for less – wouldn’t you want to? We can offer you the same quality medical-alert-alarm you’re buying from some “other” providers for a fraction of the cost. How can we do this? Many people wonder how we are able to keep our prices so low (up to 25 – 50% off of our competitors) and still manage to stay in business (saving lives since 1992). While most of our competitors spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing gimmicks like HURRY Buy Now Only 2 Hours Left or Best Deal Ends Today and while visiting their website the next day to see the same claims. Really, our philosophy is that we’d rather improve the personal customer experience and rely on word-of-mouth and referrals. Try us out. You’ll experience personal service on top of quality service.

  • I am responding per your instruction in order to cancel my account. My family really has appreciated your service over the years. At the age of 90, my Dad is no longer able to live in his own home. Your system has allowed him to maintain his independence over the last 5 years.  In fact, had he not had the system, the consequences from his fall a couple of weeks ago would have been a lot worse than they were. He was able to activate the system and the emergency personnel as well as myself and my sister were able to get to his house promptly. Thanks again.–Joe P. Jr. - Dudley, MA

  • Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for the years of loving, kind service that you provided for my mother. Because of ADC, our scattered family felt comfortable that Mom would get prompt attention and the help that she needed when she “pushed her button!” Mom is adjusting to her new surroundings and is getting wonderful, loving care. Thank you for the service that allowed her to stay in her home until after she was 95. With kindest regards.–Sue S. - Dallas, TX

  • I placed an order last week and with in two days I received the medical alert equipment. Installing the console was so simple and looks attractive in my room. I was really surprised how clear the speech was when we did our test through out my home. The whole process took about 15 minutes. I have nothing but good things to say about ADC. Thanks for all your help for providing this life saving service. I never thought a web company could be so personable. In my opinion, there are very few good medical alarm dealers left in this country. As far as product support goes, you really go the extra mile when it comes to customer service. I definitely will recommend your service.–Pam D. - Somers, NY


QR Scan Mobile Medi-Alert


To scan a QR code simply open the app, point the camera at the code, and you’re done! There is no need to take a photo or press a button. QR Code Reader will automatically recognize any QR code your camera is pointing at. When scanning a QR code, if the code contains our website URL, you will automatically be taken to the mobile website.

Preview our Mobile WebSite to see what our website looks like on your smart phone.



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