Looking for a quality and affordable medi alert service?

Start by simply choosing the best medi- alert program and plan below.

We are not here to persuade you of anything. We’re simply attempting to show you how we are going to make your lives safer with our medi alert service.

Our medi alert programs are affordable and you can subscribe quarterly, semi-annually or annual terms with annual monitoring attracting significant discounts.

Talk & Listen from the Medi Alert Device

medi alert-silver-fox-link

Talk & Listen from the Device

Traditional medi alert systems offer voice communication through a stationary base unit, which may be difficult or impossible to hear from.

Our wearable pendant/wristband watch has two-way voice communication built right into it, so it’s always on hand.

Right Help, Right Away

With the Silver Fox Link, one easy squeeze instantly connects to our emergency response center.

medi alert system silver fox link watch

Two -Way Voice

Silver Fox Link is a medi alert system with no equal. While our services are very advanced, they are also very affordable.

Silver Fox Link enables seniors to age gracefully where they really want to be, in their own home.

Answer Calls with Caller ID. See who’s calling you with caller ID. Never run to the phone again.

Vivid & Large LED Screen. Clearly see the time/date and other features.

medi alert system silver fox link model

The Silver Fox Link Difference

With Silver Fox Link, one easy squeeze instantly connects you with our Emergency Response Center. Whether police, fire, medical emergency or family member is needed – the right help is summoned.

This Silver Fox Link significant advantages over other providers as most outsource everything from products they use to the monitoring service handling their customer’s emergencies.

Range Up to 10,000 Square Feet. Easily works in and around your home.

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In and Around Your Home Basic and Fall Detection

Basic AlertBasic Medical Alert System

Today, with so many Americans entering their senior years our basic medi alert system will allow you to continue to live the way you always have in your own home.

At the push of your emergency help button, Your medical emergency will be responded to 24 hours a day.

High-Performance  2-way voice operation. Excellent audio output as well as exceptional microphone sensitivity. Choose necklace or wristband button.

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Clip-on Fall Detectionmedi alert visonics belt style

Falls are the #1 cause of senior injuries today. Emergency buttons that signal help when pressed are incredibly valuable, but what happens if a person falls and is rendered unconscious?

This is where automatic fall detection matters. Our medical alert pendant with fall detection can signal for help when an individual falls and is unable to press their button.

Clip-on Transmitter is made to be worn outside of the pants on your belt.

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medi alert instant care nurse callFall Detection / Nurse Call

The patent-pending system offers two unique buttons. Pressing the Emergency Button connects a user to  24- hour Emergency Monitoring Center.

The Auto Fall Detection is activated once it detects the sudden fall.

For non-urgent medical needs pressing the Nurse, Triage button connects the user to our 24-hour Personal Nurse-Triage Call Center.

(Nurse Call is Optional.)

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GPS Mobile with Fall Detection – Smart Watch

medi alert mobile gps fall detection

GPS Mobile Fall Detection

Built-in 3D G-sensor for motion, shock alarm, and power management. A simple fall may cause a devastating consequence. When the fall sensor is activated the authorized numbers will be alerted without the user pushing SOS button.

When you press the SOS button on the GPS device, it looks for cell towers in your area and signals us your coordinates.

Within minutes you will be in contact with our GPS Monitoring Center to report an emergency.

In the scope of today’s world, these products are well warranted.

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medi alert smartwatch tracker

GPS Tracker Pedometer Monitor 

Your GPS Mobile button is the communication center of your system.

GPS+WIFI+LBS tracking, Ali cloud computing.

SOS emergency call for help( 4 numbers can be set).

The GPS tracker can also receive phone calls from anyone who calls it.

Real-Time Measurement and Timing measurements.

24-hour comprehensive heart rate measurement. and record your heart rate and transmit the data to the app on your smartphone.

medi alert gps sos tracker smartwatch

GPS Tracker Heart Monitor 

When the SOS button on the GPS watch is pressed, it will send an SOS alert text with location information to the phone numbers which have been pre-set by text message (up to three numbers which can also be a landline.

These are set, and can be changed anytime, by sending a text message to the GPS watch).

The GPS Tracker will also call the alert numbers, in turn, until someone answers for a two-way conversation.

The carer will know to expect a call because they will have already just received the text alert moments before.

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The Difference Between Us and Our Competitors

We can offer you the same quality medi alert you’re buying from some “other” providers for a fraction of the cost. How can we do this? Many people wonder how we are able to keep our prices so low and still manage to stay in business. Savings up to 25 – 40% off of our competitors.

While most of our competitors spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing gimmicks like HURRY Buy Now. Or Only 2 Hours Left and Best Deal Ends Today.

Really.  Our philosophy is that we’d rather improve the personal customer experience and rely on word-of-mouth and referrals. Yes, our medical alert prices are low but why shouldn’t they be? Especially in today’s economy, our Seniors are feeling it the most. So, therefore, if you could sell your products for less – wouldn’t you want to?

Try us out. You’ll experience personal service on top of quality service. Always.


Aging In Place

The ability for Seniors to live in their own homes is known as aging in place. A wide range of information products and services now make it possible for seniors to do just that. One such tool is Medi Alert System. These alarms can help to get assistance quickly in the event of a medical, police or fire emergency. These devices, which first were marketed in the United States in the 1980’s as a way for an individual to call for help when they were unable to reach the telephone.

America's No. 1 Medi Alert System

They were relatively simple push-button devices worn on the wrist or around the neck. Typically, the device would alert a 24-hour call center in the event of an emergency and allow wireless two-way communication.

At the same time, innovation and advanced technologies have ushered in a new era of these medical alert alarms. To appeal to younger seniors and people with active lifestyles, we now offer more advanced systems featuring varying combinations of push-button, automatic fall detection, and GPS mobile help.

Our service is necessary for those who wish to live at home in spite of certain health conditions and has been particularly useful for our Seniors who wish to stay in their home. In many cases, our service has been prescribed by doctors for patients who wish to return home.

We always have a watchful eye on our Senior communities and want all the communities to experience the security of knowing help is a push-button away with medi alert.

Chairobics Sit To Be Fit DVD

We are pleased to have Chairobics Live on Line Video. This technology brings Susan’s studio into your home or business, on your personal computer instantaneously. To interact you must have your own video cam, speakers, and microphone (no software to download).

Chairobics DVD

Susan Evans would like to share with you all her new Chairobics Sit to be fit video. So sit back relax while she tells you a little about herself.

Starting dance, ballet, and swimming during her grade school years gave her the base for realizing how to keep her body fit and strong through repetitive exercises. In the late 80’s, Susan was diagnosed with MS a degenerative, neuromuscular disease.

While spending time in the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio for this, she realized that she could and should formulate a sit-down exercise program to help

myself and others strengthen our muscles and improve the quality of our lives.

Meanwhile, getting herself stronger through exercising she thought what a great idea to share with others who have MS, an excellent way to build their muscles up while sitting down in their chair.

At that time Susan made some contacts with her Church, the MS Society in Cleveland, Ohio and invited a group of people with MS to exercise with me. After many classes, Susan realized that this program will also benefit others. Now, through this video and Chairobics Live on the internet, she is able to reach millions of people who will use this video to help improve the quality of their lives.

From that, the Chairobics™ idea was born in 1988.