Since 2006 we’ve been formulating a new project that we are so proud to introduce to you, your family and friends.

Now you can sit down in the comfort of your own home and chat with other across the world.

For all our other this new interactive Senior Video Chat Website is a key stroke away! So lets all become members now.

Become A Member Today!

A Message to all our members…

Your continued service with ADC has encouraged us not only to connect our family member(s) with emergency service at the push of their medi-alert button but also to connect us all with our new online video chat.

As more & more Seniors are using computers in their homes, it made us realize we could connect them together through the world wide web and founded our new Seniors Live Audio Video Chat Room (CAM54).

This will also be the ultimate online experience for all of us to enjoy. In fact, we want this website to be a place where families and friends separated by miles can instantly connect with their other family members &, friends to see how they really are doing in: real time, worldwide. This will also allow single adults to connect privately with others who share common interests, values, goals and/or backgrounds.

CAM54 has seen membership jump three-fold since 2006. As of September 2013, it represents over 30,000 members, up from some 9,500 seven years ago. Thank you.

For all our other, this new interactive Senior Video Chat Website is a keystroke away!

An Important Message To Potential Abusers. As more of people’s, everyday activities are being conducted online ADC has set forth these Terms Of Services (TOS). We maintain a database of all IP Addresses that visit our website associated with legitimate and fake screen names. Even if your IP Address changes constantly, the time stamp is all we need to identify you. So don’t even think about it. CAM54 is monitored 24/7 to keep unwanted visitors out….

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