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Today, with so many Americans entering their senior years our medical alarms allow you to continue living the way you always have in your own home. At the push of your waterproof help button, your medical emergency will be responded to 24 / 7. Simply choose necklace or wristband. 

Our programs are affordable and you can subscribe quarterly, semi-annually or annual terms with annual monitoring attracting significant discounts.

Medical Alert Alarms

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High-Performance Medical Alarms 2-way voice operation. Excellent audio output as well as exceptional
microphone sensitivity.

  • Large user-friendly “Help” and “Reset” Buttons to manually summon help or cancel a false alarm.
  • Security for active, independent Seniors.
  • Clean Compact modern designs that will fit any decor.
  • Trigger personal alarm with Pendant or Wristband from anywhere in living area.
  • Built-in battery backup 18 hours for the Voice to Voice Companions Important Information. [/responsivevoice]

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Shipping Option. 4 Day Shipping orders will be delivered 4 business days after the order is shipped. For example, if your order is placed before 4:30 PM EST Monday it will be delivered before the end of the business day Thursday.

Overnight shipping is only available in areas where our USPS offers services. If overnight shipping is possible, and the order is placed before 4:30 PM EST, the order will be delivered the following business day.after the order ships.

For example, if your order is placed before 4:30 PM EST on Monday, your order would arrive before the end of the business day on Tuesday. Saturday delivery and Priority Overnight may be available upon request for an additional fee and only where available. Please contact us by phone for details and pricing on time-sensitive orders.[/responsivevoice]

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Medical Alarms: What happens when you press your pendant?

Your medical alarms console silently rests awaiting your call for help. The green/red power indicator on the medical alarms lets you know that the AC power is on. At the push of your pendant, the Medical Alarm Console begins calling our 24-hour monitoring center. The console internal siren sounds as it dials the call to relay your personal information code to our monitoring center.

Once the necessary information is transmitted to the monitoring center your medical alarms voice talk feature is activated. Now you can talk to the attendant at the monitoring center from the microphone located on the console. The trained attendant then follows a preset protocol to determine if there is a problem. If there is a problem the attendant then determines the extent and seriousness of the problem.

Once this is determined the attendant then calls “responders” (relatives, neighbors or friends who have agreed to help). In some cases, your local emergency services are called.[/responsivevoice]

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Water Resistant.

Personal Smart-Wave transmitters are water resistant to a depth of 60 feet.  Frequent testing is advised if the transmitters are used in environments that expose the unit to water. The transmitters are not designed for constant exposure to high temperatures, chemicals, strong detergents, cleaning agents, solvents, etc.[/responsivevoice]

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Battery Life.

Our transmitters are powered by long-life lithium batteries which are maintenance free and not intended to be replaced. The battery manufacturer specifies the batteries lose only approximately 1-2% of their capacity per year of shelf life and even after 10 years, should have 80% of their original capacity. In a typical application, the capacity of the battery allows for 50,000 to 100,000 operating seconds. This long-term battery life saves many service calls and many times the cost of transmitters over the lifetime of the security system.[/responsivevoice]

Please Read

 These consoles are electronics and possibly they could fail. There may be a time for interruptions, and honestly, there is nothing anyone can do to have 100% fail safe with electronics. Please understand there is a variety of reasons that could affect the status of the consoles electronics. This is why we know how important it is for you to test your console at least once or twice a month to make sure everything is operating properly. We will do everything in our power to make sure you are safe and secure with our service.

If you have multiple phones throughout your home, we realize other phones in your home may not be hung up or turned off. To ensure your system works in the event of the prior happening, we suggest adding the RJ31X jack to your home. This jack is used for line seizure and reporting alarm codes to the monitoring center. This is good because the phone could be off the hook and how would we know? For more information speak to one of our representatives.

We recommends connection to an RJ31X telephone jack supplied by a local telephone company.  Failure to install an RJ31X telephone jack by Subscriber shall relieve us of any and all liabilities for any failure to communicate that may occur as a direct result of such failure. Service requires connection to a private telephone line. RRMA is not responsible in any way for the operation or maintenance of any appliance, instrument, or the telephone system to which the equipment is connected.

Warranty- RAPID RESPONSE MEDICAL ALARMS, LLC Fall Detection warrants only to the original purchaser(s) from its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of purchase from RAPID RESPONSE MEDICAL ALARMS, LLC. The obligation of this warranty shall be limited to repairing or replacing any part of the product that we agree is defective in materials or workmanship under normal use and service during one year commencing with the date of purchase. This one-year warranty is in lieu of all other express warranties, obligations or liabilities. ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES, OBLIGATIONS, OR LIABILITIES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED. THE MANUFACTURER DOES NOT WARRANT THAT THE PRODUCT IS SUITABLE FOR ANY PARTICULAR APPLICATION OR PURPOSE. No agent, representative, dealer, or employee of the company has the authority to increase or alter the terms or obligations of this warranty. This warranty does not apply to batteries or any product that through use may have a life of less than one year. IN NO CASE SHALL RAPID RESPONSE MEDICAL ALARMS, LLC BE LIABLE FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF THIS OR ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, WHATSOEVER.

Medical Alarms Special

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We are pleased to have Chairobics Live on Line Video. This technology brings Susan’s studio into your home or business, on your pc instantaneously. To interact you must have your own video cam, speakers, and microphone (no software to download).