Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! Here you will find frequently asked questions about our Medical Alert Systems.

At that time we will send you out a new battery which are easily replaced.

Basic and Fall Detection:

Yes, you can wear it in the shower. The transmitters are water resistant to a depth of 60 feet. We will replace at no charge any transmitter which is damaged by water in normal use. Frequent testing is advised if the transmitters are used in environments which expose the unit to water. The transmitters are not designed for constant exposure to high temperatures, chemicals, strong detergents, cleaning agents, solvents, etc.

GPS Mobile Trackers:

The GPS Tracker are not waterproof due to the charging mechanism. Remember the GPS Tracker are to be used when you leave your home and remember to place the GPS Unit back in the charging cradle.

Can I update and change information after I set up the system?

Yes you can, just call letting us know what information you wish to change or update. Unlimited changes and updates are included at no extra cost 24/7!

Do you have any other payment options after the initial credit card charge?

Yes. If you so choose, we can continue to charge your credit card, set up an automatic debit from your checking or savings account or we can send you a monthly invoice. You just let us know.

How does our Medical-Alert-Alarms Service Work?

Your console silently rest awaiting your call for help. The green/red power indicator lets you know that the AC power is on. At the push of a pendant your Medi-Alert Consoles begins calling our 24 hour monitoring center. The consoles internal siren sounds as it dials the call to relay your personal information code to our monitoring center. Once the necessary information is transmitted to the monitoring center, in approximately 45-60 seconds your medi-alert voice to voice talk feature is activated and you can talk to the attendant at the monitoring center. The trained attendant then follows a preset protocol to determine if there is a problem. If there is a problem, the attendant than determines the extent and seriousness of the problem. Once this is determined the attendant then calls “responders” (relatives, neighbors or friends who have agreed to help). In some cases your local emergency services are called.

How long do the pendant / wristband button batteries last?

Basic Alert:

The transmitters are powered by long life lithium batteries which are maintenance free and not intended to be replaced. The battery manufacturer specifies the batteries lose only approximately 1-2% of their capacity per year of shelf life and even after 10 years, should have 80% of their original capacity.

In the typical application, the capacity of the battery allows for 50,000 to 100,000 operating seconds. This long term battery life saves many service calls and many times the cost of transmitters over the lifetime of the security system. For those who are concerned, the battery status is transmitted as part of the key code each time the transmitter is activated. Those receivers with non-polled supervision will give a low battery output if the transmitter battery is not within specifications.

Fall Detection:

On average the batteries in the Fall Detection Button normally last about 12 months. At that time we will send you out a new battery which are easily replaced.

GPS Mobile Trackers:

On average the batteries in the Fall Detection Button normally last about 48 months. At that time we will send you out a label to have us replace a new battery.

How long does it take to get a response after I press my Medi-Alert Button?

Once your transmitter is activated it will take about 45- 60 seconds for a personal dispatch operator will announce themselves over the base console’s 2-way intercom and will be able to have a two way conversation with you. We will stay on the line with you until someone arrives.

Remember there’s always a friendly voice on the other end to help you.

How long will it take to receive my Medi-Alert Equipment ?

Simply call us and we will rush your Medi-Alert equipment to you by United States Postal Service Priority Mail. You would receive the system within 2-3 business days after you’ve placed your order.

If you need Express delivery we will ship your Medi-Alert Console within 24 hours by USPS Next Day Air. You will receive your system within 24-48 hours after you order it depending on your location. There is an additional charge for expedited delivery.All over-nite deliveries will need to be sign for so someone must be at the home for delivery.

How much does Medi-Alert Service cost?

It all depends on what service and plan are best for you. Our monitoring service rates are as low as $20.00 per month. Please visit our pricing page.

I live in a remote rural area, can I still be covered?

We are a nationwide company and you can have your service anywhere in the United States. You simply need to have telephone service and electric.


I’m ordering this medi-alert for my parents, but I want to be the one billed for it. Is this possible?

Absolutely. Just give us your billing instructions and we would be happy to bill you instead of your parents. If there are any questions you may still have do not hesitate to call us toll free nationwide at 1-800-603-4911. We are here to help you.

If something should ever go wrong with my console, how do I get it fixed?

Your console is covered by our lifetime warranty for as long as you subscribe to our service. If you should ever have a problem, simply call our toll free number (1-800-603-4911) and we will attempt to troubleshoot the problem with you over the phone.

If for some reason, we cannot resolve the problem over the phone we will send you a replacement that day at no charge.

Very Important Information: Electronics can malfunction at a time when help may be needed. This is something we never want to experience. These consoles are electronics and possibly they could fail. There may be a time for interruptions and honestly, there is nothing anyone can do to have 100% fail safe with electronics. Please understand there are a variety of reasons which could affect the status of the consoles electronics.

This is why we know how vitally important for you to test your console at least once or twice a month to make sure everything is operating properly. When testing simply press your pendant/wristband transmitter and not the red help button on the console. When we respond simply say you are performing your monthly test.

It’s that simple.

Is Medi-Alert covered by insurance companies?

Possibly. If you have claim or a prescription for the Medi-Alert Service payment must be arranged between the two of you. It is usually done on a reimbursement type basis. Please contact your insurance carrier to confirm if they can provide benefits or coverage for this type of service. If you have a workman’s compensation claim we can bill the insurance company.

Must I sign a long term multi-year agreement?

No. Our medical alert programs are affordable and you can subscribe quarterly, semi-annually or annual terms with annual monitoring attracting significant discounts. Start by simply choosing the best program and plan below.

What happens if I accidentally set off my Medi-Alert Button?

If you should ever accidentally set off your alarm that’s OK. Just tell the operator who comes on the voice unit that you accidentally pressed the button. They will then disconnect and no further action would be taken.

We are there 24 hours a day and are happy to assist you.

Who gets notified in the event of an emergency?

When you are first setup with the medi-alert console a Subscriber Information Form will be completed. The profile will contain the information of anyone on your contact list. This includes the following:

Local Emergency 911

Dispatch Responders Name Up to 5 Responders

Phone Number: (home, office, cell phone, etc.)

Relationship: (family, friend, neighbor)

Key holder: Yes/ No Hide-A-Key location Any special instructions

Will my monthly service fee ever increase?

We are pleased to have never raised our monthly service fee to existing subscribers – ever. Your agreement states the service fee that you will pay and that is all you will ever be charged. In the event we will ever need to raise our fees, the increase will apply only to new subscribers.

In-fact we have set the standard in low cost monitoring service.

Will the pendant / wristband button break if I drop it?