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Our medical alert systems GPS fall detection is affordable and you can subscribe semi-annually or annual terms with annual monitoring attracting significant discounts. Start by simply choosing the best GPS Mobile Plan.

GPS requires access to the T-Mobile network. Check the 2G/3G voice coverage map below to ensure you have T-Mobile coverage in your area. Check for 2g and 3g coverage.

The sweetest and most user-friendly GPS Mobile Help with Auto Fall Detection product ever, unique design, highly portable and pleasant to look at, a true combination of style and technology.

Now, you can also be protected when you leave your home. This product is well warranted in the scope of today’s world.

Fall Detection

If the wearer is at risk of falling (e.g. elderly or at risk of stroke), then this function will be essential. It can be set with a varying level of sensitivity to detect a fall. Auto fall pendant does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need help.

If the device detects an impact, it will beep for ten seconds, during which the wearer can cancel the alarm by pressing the SOS button on the device (to prevent false alarms). If they don’t cancel the alarm, then after the ten second warning period an alert text will be sent to up to three different people.


With a simple text command, you set a radius from wherever the tracker happens to be when the function is set (e.g. at the person’s home). If the Tracker then strays beyond that set limit, then an alert warning text is sent to the three alert phone numbers.

 GPRS Live Online Trackingmedical alert systems gps fall detection

See your GPS Tracker’s location in real-time by logging into a website or an app.

Remember, you do not need to use GPRS unless you want to! You can continue to locate your tracker via quick reply-texts. However, the live online tracking of GPRS is very useful for those who want it.

How Medical Alert Systems GPS Fall Detection Works?

There are 27 satellites orbiting the earth, and 24 are operational, the other three will become operational if one of the satellites fail. At any given time, there are at least three satellites that are visible in the sky from a location.

When the medical alert systems GPS fall detection pendant has pressed for 3 seconds these satellites than triangulating on the position of the GPS Pendant, and it will send “help me” messages and your GPS Tracker information of latitude and longitude to our servers.

Within 60 seconds we will have a 2-way voice communication with you and summons the help you need at your location. It’s that simple.

Your medical alert systems GPS fall detection button is the communication center of your system. When you press the SOS button on the GPS device, it looks for cell towers in your area and signals us your coordinates. Within minutes you will be in contact with our GPS Monitoring Center to report an emergency.

Once the necessary information is transmitted to the center, in approximately  60 seconds your GPS mobile help auto fall detection voice to voice talk feature is activated, and you can talk to the attendant at the center letting us know what kind of help you need.

The trained attendant then follows a preset protocol to determine if there is a problem. If there is a problem, the attendant then determines the extent and seriousness of the problem. Once this is determined the attendant then calls “respondents” (relatives, neighbors or friends who have agreed to help). In some cases, your local emergency services are called.

GPS Mobile Features:

The sweetest and most user-friendly GPS Mobile Help with Auto Fall Detection product ever, unique design, highly portable and pleasant to look at, a true combination of style and technology.

  • Mini sized, Weather-proof, Rubber handle paint, feels comfortable.
  • Tracking by GPS satellite Real-time.
  • Tracking Real-time by Google Maps using your smartphone, location based on the cellular network.
  • Real time tracking by GPS satellite
  • Fall detection for elderly
  • Knock to go(pedometer, optional)
  • With rechargeable 900 mah Lithium battery. Standby time: 10 days
  • Built-in 3D G-sensor  for motion, shock alarm and power management.
  • Voice monitoring
  • Two way Voice communication.(high quality sounds and hands free volume sound)
  • Built in 8MB flash memory.
  • Data logging: 60000 locations.
  • GPRS blind area data re-upload function
  • Firmware upgrade over the air
  • Reply map link of current position
  • SOS emergency button
  • Geo-fencing alarm, Over speed alarm
  • GPS signal lost and recovery alert
  • Movement alarm
  • Micro USB charger,Micro SIM Card
  • U-blox GPS technology


What do you need to get your GPS Mobile Help Auto Fall Detection Working?

The GPS tracker just needs a SIM card – which we can install for you, for free.  It is then like a small mobile phone, able to send and receive texts. You can text the GPS tracker from your own smart phone to program the various functions, request locations, and call the GPS Tracker if you need to.

What’s more, the SIM cards we can include with your GPS Tracker will give you 30 Minutes Voice, 30 Text Messages, and 30 Mbps free credit when activated. So once activated you’ll actually have 1 month depending on how much you’re likely to use your GPS Tracker. Unless you think you’ll be making lots of outgoing phone calls from your GPS Tracker you need more minutes, text messages or data you can always switch to the $25.00 per month plan.

Activating an SOS Alarm

Press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds until the device vibrates, and then green light will start to flash rapidly to confirm the request. After that, an SOS Alarm “Help me!” will be sent to all authorized phone numbers and to the GPS Mobile Medical Alert with Fall Detectionplatform. It will also the dial the 3 authorized numbers in sequence. If the tracker fails to connect to the first number, it will call the second one. In case the second number fails to be connected as well, the system will connect to the third number. if device fails to call all 3 numbers, it will start to dial the numbers again after  5 minutes. This will continue until one of the phones answer the call. To end the call, press the SOS button.


  • GSM frequency: 850/1900mhz 900/1800MHz
  • GPS Module: U-Blox 7
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, 900mAh capacity
  • External power supply: micro USB charger
  • Operating and storage temperature: -10 to 60°C
  • Antenna: internal GSM/GPS and high sensitive
  • Battery lifespan: Under normal use, the battery can last 4 ~ 10 days. Standby time: 30 days.

Comply with the instructions to extend the life of your medical alert systems GPS fall detection pendant.

1. Keep the unit dry. Most of all No liquid, i.e. rain, moisture, may destroy or damage the inside circuitry.

2. Don’t use & store the unit in dusty places.

3. Don’t put the unit in overheated or over cooled places.

4. Handle carefully. Don’t vibrate or shake it violently.

5. Clear the unit with a piece of dry cloth. Don’t clean in chemicals, detergent.

6. Don’t paint the unit, this may cause some foreign materials left in between the parts.

7. Don’t disassemble or refit the unit.

8. Please use the battery and charger provided by the manufacturer. Using other batteries and chargers will cause an unwanted situation.

9. Don’t dismount the antenna randomly, or use other antennas. This may interfere the transmission, and increase the radiation as well.

Important Information about medical alert systems GPS fall detection.  These GPS devices are electronics and possibly they could fail. There may be a time for interruptions and honestly, there is nothing anyone can do to have 100% fail safe with electronics. Please understand there is a variety of reasons which could affect the status of the GPS.

To see the complete Bright Hub Guide to GPS Satellites and what interferes with a GPS Signal and methods to work with a weak signal. Visit: The Bright Hub 


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