DSL Service and Medical Alarms.

Medical Alarms can fail during use with DSL service.

DSL works just fine most of the time. It’s one time that you push the button that trouble occurs. Sometimes the trouble is simply too much noise imposed on the phone line by DSL, which usually results in a medical alarm signal not received by the central monitoring station.

The secondary problem with DSL is the same problem that splitters have…sometimes they malfunction…in failing they cause the medical alarm not to be able to communicate with the monitoring center.

The only resolution I know of fixing the DSL medical alarm problem is this:

Don’t get DSL. Are you willing to chance that when your loved one pushes the button on their medical alert system… and it doesn’t work? It’s kind of playing Russian roulette.


Medical Alarm Filter Solution

Without this filter protection, medical alarms on DSL service may have difficulty reporting incidents to our monitoring center. The filter supports the medical alarm system’s ability to seize the phone lines (“ aka line-seizure”).

Filters can be ordered online through Digi Key.

Wireless Jacks

Wireless jacks introduce noise on the phone too…they are just unpredictable. No medical alarm device should ever be hooked up a wireless jack.

If you must use one of these devices, a separate phone number (a separate phone line) for any medical alarm system or medical alert device is the best solution.


Using a splitter with the medical alert system is a no no.  Always connect our telephone line directly into a wall outlet.