Visonics Fall Alert Systems

These types of fall alert systems can save lives. We know that falls are the #1 cause of senior injuries today. Medical Alert  buttons that signal help when pressed are incredibly valuable, but what happens if a person falls and is rendered unconscious?

With our auto fall alert systems the user(s) can signal for help when they are unable to press their emergency help button.

Auto fall pendant does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need help. Clip on pendant should be place on the outside of your slacks.

Using your Fall Alert Pendant

1- You should wear your pendant transmitter whenever you are at home even in the shower or bath. Your pendant transmitter is waterproof.

• Optional Wristband Does Not Have Auto Fall Detection- Your pendant transmitter can also be used with an optional wristband. To make the pendant transmitter wristband smaller, slide the pendant transmitter towards the buckle. To make the wristband larger, slide the pendant transmitter away from the buckle.

Fall Alert Systems with Clip on Pendants

Auto Fall Alert Systems AngleFall Alert systems are activated once the unit is tilted by more than 60° in any direction or by pressing the gray button on the transmitter.

You will notice that once the fall alert pendant is tilted at a 60° angle the red light on the pendant will flash setting the alarm. Throughout your day, you may hear numerous musical tones from the console as your body movements shift which causes the pendant to tilt. Once the pendant has returned to the upright position you will hear this tone again (90 degrees).

Don’t be alarmed. Honestly, this is a soothing tone to hear. Now, this tells you that the auto fall alert button is working. If the user is on the floor and the pendant has not had any movement for 15 seconds it will call our monitoring center, Remember you have this program just in case you can’t press your button on your own. Become accustomed to these pleasant sounds.

If you fall and are unable to press the button on your fall alert pendant, the auto fall switch will send a signal to the console reporting a fall alert code to our monitoring center and summons help you need immediately. How Comforting is that?

Activating Your Auto Fall Alert Systems

During this activation, you will hear the console emit 3 musical tones. Within 45 seconds the console will say contacting service bureau. This will repeat three times. Next, you will hear in contact with service bureau” and within a few seconds you will be able to speak to the attendant throughout your home.

Remember if you need help just yell “HELP” and we will notify the callers on your contact list. In the event you are not able to communicate with the attendant at the monitoring center we will call you via your telephone and if you are unable to answer your telephone we will take it as an emergency and contact your call list.


Auto Fall Alert Systems VisonicsEMERGENCY BUTTON –  When pressed an emergency alarm is reported to the Monitoring Center and a two-way voice communication is opened between the unit and the Monitoring Center.

Visonic Auto Fall Alert Systems can save lives.CALL  BUTTON – When pressed a non-emergency message is reported to the Monitoring Center and a two-way voice communication is opened between the unit and the Monitoring Center.

 Check Auto Fall Alert SystemsCHECK BUTTON – This button should be pressed to: – Answer Incoming Calls. When the phone rings pressing this button activates the speakerphone. Alternatively press your emergency pendant button once during an incoming call.

MedMedical Alert System Fall Detection
MedMedical Alert System Fall Detection

False Alarms

Let us say you are cleaning your dishes and pressing against the counter edge not realizing that the pendant has been activated you will hear the console say pendant has been pressed. Again, don’t be alarmed. As we respond simply say you’re OK, and you’ve accidentally pressed the button while doing the dishes and no further actions will be taken.

In the event, you are not able to communicate with us we will call you via your telephone – if you don’t answer we will take it as an emergency and contact your call list. Remember there are always friendly voices on the other end.

Maintaining Your System

Clean transmitter with a soft cloth or sponge moistened lightly with a mixture of water and mild detergent and wipe it dry immediately. The use of abrasives of any kind is strictly forbidden. Also never use solvents such as kerosene, acetone or thinner.

Water Resistant

Personal Smart-Wave transmitters are water resistant to a depth of 60 feet. Frequent testing is advised if the transmitters are used in environments that expose the unit to water. The transmitters are not designed for constant exposure to high temperatures, chemicals, strong detergents, cleaning agents, solvents, etc.

When Your Battery Goes Low

When a pendant transmitter’s battery is low its red light on the console flashes rapidly several times per second. The red light on the console flashes continuously until the pendant’s battery is replaced. This will also send a low battery code to the monitoring center which we will notify you it is time to replace the battery.

Multiple Phones Lines


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