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We recently designed this section of our website page medical alarms reviews for our subscribers to share with others about your experiences with us. One thing that makes us happy is when we read some many responses from members who have our lifesaving service with satisfaction. One of the most important aspects of researching a company like Rapid Response PERS is seeing what other people have said about them.

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Medical Alarm Reviews

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Our Company

Our website will help you get to know who we are, what we do and how important it is to have expedient response to your home in times of medical, police or fire emergency. Let us mention that all companies have good intentions but the difference between them, and us lies with our great aspect of personal service as you will soon see. We believe that the most important part of our business is our connection with our subscribers. These days many medi alert companies seem to have lost track of that aspect as we continue to focus on personal customer service, always. We are not a large company with a call center out of the USA. When you call, you will always speak to one of our Representatives here in Tampa Bay, Florida that will have the answer to your questions. When you place your order with one of our Representatives they will be your personal contact person throughout the terms of your service. We can offer you the same quality medi alert you’re buying from some “other” providers for a fraction of the cost. How can we do this? Many people wonder how we are able to keep our prices so low (up to 25 – 50% off of our competitors) and still manage to stay in business. While most of our competitors spend a lot of money on advertising and marketing gimmicks like HURRY Buy Now Only 2 Hours Left or Best Deal Ends Today and while visiting their website the next day to see the same claims. Really, our philosophy is that we’d rather improve the personal customer experience and rely on word-of-mouth and referrals. Yes…our prices are low but why shouldn’t they be? Especially in today’s economy our Seniors are feeling it the most. So therefore, if you could sell your products for less – wouldn’t you want to? Try us out. You’ll experience personal service on top of quality service, always.
- Rapid Response PERS

A Note of Thanks

Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for the years of loving, kind service that you provided for my mother. Because of medi-alert, our scattered family felt comfortable that Mom would get prompt attention and the help that she needed when she “pushed her button!” Mom is adjusting to her new surroundings and is getting wonderful, loving care. Thank you for the service that allowed her to stay in her home until after she was 95. With kindest regards.
- Sue S


I placed an order earlier this week and with in two days I received the medical alert equipment. Installing the console was so simple and looks attractive in our home. I was really surprised how clear the speech was when we did our test through out my home. The whole process took about 15 minutes. I have nothing but good things to say about medi-alert. Thanks for all your help for providing this life saving service.
- Pam D.

Cancel Service

I am responding per your instruction in order to cancel my account. My family really has appreciated your service over the years. At the age of 90, my Dad is no longer able to live in his own home. Your system has allowed him to maintain his independence over the last 5 years. In fact, had he not had the system, the consequences from his fall a couple of weeks ago would have been a lot worse than they were. He was able to activate the system and the emergency personnel as well as myself and my sister were able to get to his house promptly. Thanks again.
- Joe P.


I called Lifeline up and left a message. Never receive a call back from lifeline. I found this company medi alert and they answered all my questions. The rep was so informative that I decided to go with this company. So far so good. I will let you know how I feel about this company after the sale.
- Susan


my personal experience with the gentleman that assisted me and my loved one with installing the medi-alert was more than excellent customer care and service from beginning to any and all times i needed assistance. i also really love it because it helps to make our most difficult health situation with my loved one a little more easy. also i'm the second recipient in my family with more than a satisfactory experience with medi-alert. it's certainly a given to own one especially if you live alone with no doubt. you can't go wrong!
- Michelle

Great Company

Medi-Alert has serviced me for 2 years with great dependability, allowed me to continue to live independently. "Anthony" is kind thoughtful and always treating me with dignity and respect. Thank you "Anthony" for all your graciousness.
- Dianne L.


Just by chance I was browsing through my favorites and had a look at your website again – the new design and features look great! The video chat is an excellent feature and I was really surprised seeing you in real time. It is so wonderful how with today's technologies you are able to bring your office into our homes. Keep the great work up.
- Pat C.


I've had the medi-alert service with ADC for 10 years now. This company is second to none. I've used my medi-alert button about 4 times in 10 years and I am very happy with the fast response I received in getting help to my home. I've recommended ADC to many of my friend who I know have this lifesaving service and are very pleased with it as well. On the other hand Anthony is such a cute young fellow especially when he drives up in his yellow corvette. I only wish I was 30 years younger. Thank you for your service and I will always recommend medi-alert for those who need it.
- Allan T.

Very pleased !

We sincerely appreciate all you have done to help us. Over the years I have come to respect and admire people who do what they say they will do. Sadly there are many who don't understand the importance of this simple expectation. Obviously you do and we were pleased and impressed with the way you represented your company. You have the rare ability to treat your clients personally as well as professionally. ... Our neighbor, who lives in the yellow house across the street indicated to me that she may need your medi-alert service in the future. I recommended to her that she couldn't do any better than medialert and when she decides to get this life saving service to call you all.. Thanks again for your kind words and service. I hope our paths will cross again.
- David M.

Our Community

We have been dealing with this company now for 6 years providing their service for our Seniors in our mobile home park here in Florida. One thing that is very noticeable is that we have many snowbird living here in the Winters that medi-alert provides our residents a a system here and up north at no extra charge. So when they come home to Florida all our residents have to do is call the company and request that they turn off the system at their home up north and activate the service in Florida. Looking forward for the next presentation in October 2017. Thank you Medi-Alert.
- LouAnn

New Necklace Cord

I have medi-alert now for just over a year. Just the other day I called to ask for a new necklace. Susan the representative was very kind in getting it out to me right away. When I receive the package she sent me there are 3 Necklaces -1 in pink - 1 in pearl white and one in black. Very Surprised. Thank you.
- Mary B.


So far in 5 years never had to call for help. I do test my button every month to make sure it's working. Happy with medi-alert. Thank you.
- Leslie M.

Shipping and Equipment

I called them on a Monday at about 5:00 pm to see if I could get the system before my Dad came home from the hospital on Thursday. The representative guaranteed that it would be here by Thursday afternoon. Well here is where I was very surprise to receive the package on Wednesday a day earlier. You saved me a lot of time in getting setup before he came home. It seem that the representative got the package out the same day for a two day delivery. That is excellent service with free shipping. Thank you so much. May I also include that my Dad lives in the country and he has a barn away from the house. I could not believe that the necklace worked just outside his barn door. I have the basic service. Once again, thank you and God Bless you.
- Maureen A.

Personal Service

I've called a few alarm companies and found that this company doesn't force you into buying other services. Have had the service for 3 years now and never had to use it. I would definitely refer medi-alert to my friends. Thank you!
- Emily


Tony is caring person and has helped my family with his services. Thank you
- Frank Sleepy


We decided to go with the auto fall detection and the GPS Detection. With medi-alert we received two services for the price of one from other companies. Thank you! Will refer to others.
- Kelli T.

Great Company

I'm speaking for my parents of whom I got this service for. It's been about 5 years that my parents have this service and have used it 4 time already. They call me as soon as they receive the alert. Since I live 5 minutes from my parents home I was able get there to help my Mom get up after a fall. Thank God she did not injure herself either times. Thank you medi-alert. Have referred already to a few people.
- Sandy C.

Chairobics Program

I also order a DVD for my parents to exercise to and they love it. Watching it with them almost makes me want to exercise with them. The instructor Susan has a variety of exercises from slow to fast. As far as medi-alert I'm glad they both have protection in the event they should need help. Thank you will refer your service.
- Donna P.


Placing an order was so pleasant. Susan who is my representative was so informative in explaining the 3 different services. We choose the auto fall system. We hope our family member never has to use it but we feel secure that if our family member is unable to press the button this should get them help.....Will write another review when we set the system up. Thank you.
- Anita A.

Great Service

In regards to your email requesting a review. Well having the medi alert for about 7 years I am very pleased. I fell about 2 years ago and if it wasn't for the medi-alert who knows how long I would have been on the fall. The representative was on line with me until the paramedics showed up. Thank you!
- Debbie T.

Telephone Service

What a caring company. I call to order the service and explained that I do not have a home phone. I wanted to get their GPS with fall detection and the representative Diane explain to me that the GPS is mainly used for outdoors and that we would have to charge the device every couple of days and that I may forget to charge it and if I needed help the button would not work. So this is where I give this company a 10 Star. Diane suggested for me to call my cable company and request me get a landline phone. So when I called the cable company about adding a telephone they would add an addition $12.00 per month for the phone line. When I call Diane back and told her that the fee of $12.00 would be added to my monthly bill she offer to split the charge and gave me an addition 3 months free. Now what company would do that? After receiving the new home system I found that the button is almost half the size of the GPS button and much more comfortable. The batteries last 6 years so I never have to worry about charging the pendant. I am so glad I contacted Medi-Alert. Definitely would refer to my friends and family members. Thank you for your honesty.
- Jack T.


I have the in home fall detection and GPS fall detection. After explaining to Susan that I walk my 2 little dogs around the neighborhood she recommended to me that the GPS would be an excellent devise to have. I fall frequently and for the price of one service with the other competitors I got both with medi-alert. I like the style of both buttons mainly the in home button. This is a caring company, Yes I've already given 2 of my friends Susan telephone number. Thank you now I feel safe when I leave my home.
- Joyce P.

Fall Alert Button

We ordered the in home fall button and are very satisfied with the product. The operator was able to hear Mom from all the rooms in her home. We tested the button outside and it worked perfectly. Glad to see if something happens outside Mom would receive help. Thank you for being there.
- Melanie B.


Ordering was pleasant and quick. They asked me a few questions about my daily habits and suggested I get the in home fall alert for only $60.00 extra per year. They felt I didn't need the GPS because I don't drive or leave the house unless I'm with people. Would recommend to others. Thank you medi alert.
- Laura T.

Your Email

I received your email for us to leave a review about your service. My wife and I got this service back in 2010 for Mom right after our Dad passed away. She didn't want to move in with us so we decided that if she wanted to continue in the same house she would have to get medi alert. We test the pendant once a month and they always answer quickly. I do want to mention that last month they called me to advise us that they were getting in a low battery on the pendant and that they will be mailing it out and for us to call them to program the button when we receive it. It actually took 30 seconds to program the new button. We tested it and it worked great. It seems that those batteries lasted over 6 years. Thank you medi alert and we have referred a few of our friends to look into this for their parents.
- Tom P.

Cost Savings

I do my best to find the best deals available every day. These days with increasing prices on just about everything, it is nice to have a little help to save money. The other competitors charge about $10.00 more then medi alert. Thank you medi alert.
- Regina A.

Feel Safe

So I really do not write reviews, but after receiving an email from customer service describing my experience with medi alert and to leave a review. It has been almost 6 years that my wife and I have purchase the service. What we like is that since day one we have always spoken to the same representative when ever we need to change phone number or remove a friend from our call list. Never had to use the service but we always do our monthly test. They come on fast and all we say is that we are testing our buttons. So I hope that we have encouraged another person to get your service because we are very pleased.
- Myers F.


Yes, I would be happy to write a review about medi alert. We were referred by a friend who got the service for their parent who had a fall and was on the floor for about 3 hours. I purchased the service for Mom on Mother's Days 2 years ago and so far we are pleased. Mom has never had to use it. It give us all peace of mind knowing that she will be able to get help with her button. What's so nice is that if she does falls and unable to press her button the auto fall detection will call for help. I will recommend medi alert to others. I know I'll need one in 5 years. Thank you medi alert.
- Karlie K.

Reply to your Email

I have this service in Ohio and Florida. Excellent customer service. Yes I will refer to friends. Thanks
- Steve P

Customer Service

We order this service from a company in Pennsylvania - talk about terrible customer service. It was on a Sunday when Mother lost her pendant and she had a spare one but that didn't work. I called to see what we can do and all I got was a voice mail. Since Mom lives in Tampa I called a couple other companies and found Rapid Response answered all my questions and they have a local representative not far from where Mom lives. I schedule an appointment with the representative and for the next day. Not only are their plans cheaper but their customer service is excellent. He help us disconnect the other companies system and advise to call them on instruction on returning the system. I will refer Rapid Response to others. Thanks for your quick help.
- Cindy C.


I receive an email for me to leave a review about my experience with medi alert. I have this service for over 8 years now and have to say that the 3 times I've pressed the button emergency help was there quickly. My representative is always there when I have to change a telephone number for my call list. Yes I have and will recommend medi alert to my friends. I take advantage of the referral program where I receive and addition 6 months free for recommending two of my friends. Thank you medi alert for being there when I need help.
- Cathy H.

Email Reply

We did contact other alert companies and found that medi alert has the best price and customer service. The month we ordered the service was Mom's birthday. The representative gave us a free month celebrating Mom's 90th birthday. She hasn't need to use the service yet but we all feel secure knowing that Mom get help anytime. Definitely would recommend this company to you. Thank you medi alert.
- Shannon G.

Product GPS Fall Alert

We purchase a service from another company who also has the GPS service and when we tested the button we asked the person on the other end what our location was. They gave us a location about 1/2 mile from where we were. So i asked well if your telling me that the GPS shows a different location how woul you know were we are. His response was well we would ask you for a landmark. My next question was what if we are not able to speak and there was no reply. Well i requested to get a refund. This is where this company Rapid Response has an excellent product. When we tested their GPS we were so surprise expecting the same results as the other company. Well let me tell you they were spot on with our location and not only that the speaker on this GPS was very loud much louder than the other company. They heard me clearly even when my button was hanging around my neck. Great GPS. I will refer to my friends. Thank you.
- Danielle G.


Mom lost her pendant last week so i called for a replacement and received a new one 2 days later. They assisted me in programming it to the box which actually took 5 seconds. They didn't even charge me for the new button. We've had medi alert now for 7 years and never has there been issues. I test the system every month so we know it works. They seem to respond pretty quickly which I like. Mom has referred this company to her ladies club - I would definitely recommend medi alert.
- Daniel F

Email Reply: Great Service

So I've had the medi alert service since April of 2000. There has never been a time where I've had to use the service but last month I fell in my front yard and pressed my GPS button and they responded to my call quite rapidly. The fire department was here within probably 6 minutes since the fire station is only a half mile from my home. What I do like about this company is the personal service I receive. As far as recommendation, definitely would refer and have referred them to friends of mine. Thanks for being there in my time of an emergency.
- Jane E.

GPS Watch

All I have to say is WOW. I purchased the heart rate monitor for Dad and the pedometer for Mom. What I love about these two watches is that I know where my parents are anytime. If they need help they can press the SOS button and the watch calls my smartphone and I'm able to speak to them thru their watches. Like a cell phone . You all have saved us money by cancelling my parents cell phones. These watch are a cell phone. The representative was able to assist me in programming the device using my smartphone. It took about 30 minutes sending the watch special commands. Another thing I would like to thank you is that I am able to see where they are in the event they need help via the app on my smartphone. The accuracy is there. So, I decided to purchase both unit with your special offer and we are very pleased. Dad checks his heart rate is almost everyday and it's uploaded to the app. Dads first words when I gave this to him and after explaining what the watch does. He's always wears a watch so I knew he would wear this GPS watch. Anyway, his 1st words were Dick Tracey Watch, I replied yep..... Just wanted to share my story with you, Thank you and will refer to others.
- Thomas P.

Excellent Service

Calling you and placing my order last month was fast. I did call a few other companies and did get the same service. The reason I choose medi alert was because I felt that they didn't try to over sell me on their other products. The rep asked me a few questions about Mom's activities. Since she doesn't go out unless me or my wife are with her so, he suggested the fall detection in home service. Great choice. He explained how the pendant works and had us do a test. I couldn't believe it. We dropped the pendant about 2 ft on the bed and all of a sudden the machine start saying emergency, emergency which will call for help in the event help is needed. Surely will recommend Rapid Response to friends, especially seeing that they have a refer a friend program. I already have 3 other family member who I will pass the information too. Thank you.
- Frank S.

Thanks for many years of service

Thank you for all your help with your medi alert service. My family has had peace of mind for over 10 years knowing Mom was able to get help when she had a fall. Unfortunately Mom past away last month so we had to return the system and you all refunded the 10 months of service to her credit card. I have and still will refer your service to other family members.
- Janice S.

Very Personable

We had service with life alert and had to cancel their service because of the cost. A friend of Mother gave us your companies number so i gave this company a call. The representative came out and installed the equipment, explained how it works and did a test. Wow they were able to hear Mother thru out her apartment where the other system didn't. We selected the annual 240.00 per year. You know what i love about this company is that last week was mothers 85th birthday and the representative gave her a free month for her birthday. Very caring and professional. I will refer you to others.
- Kim D.

Comparison to other Companies

We've been doing some research about the medical alert for Mom. We've called about 5 companies and decided to choose Rapid Response for a couple of reasons. The representative wasn't trying to sell us the world as 2 other companies were trying to do. One company wasn't available on the weekends to install the equipment due to the fact that I get to moms house only on the weekend. It took me about 1 minute to install the system. Then I call as the instruction on the paperwork and we did a test with the center. I was very surprised when the representative asked me if I had a stop watch. He asked me because he wanted us to see how fast they would response to our call. It actually took 33 seconds. That's very fast. Mom is still very able to get around. My main reason for this service is that there have been homes in her neighborhood that have been broken into while the home owners have been home. That's pretty scary for Seniors. Now, if Mom hears anything abnormal she knows to press her button and speak with a representative and to yell out HELP. Feeling very secure knowing Mom is protected. Thank you Rapid Response. Yes, I will refer your service to others.
- Susan T.


We ordered the medi alert for Mom in January 2017. Unfortunately Mom past away in early March and had to return the equipment. I paid for the annual service and received a refund for 9 months 4 weeks later. Thank you. Yes, I would refer your service to others.
- Ben H.

Changing Companies

I have to write this because not one other company has help me like medi alert. We currently have service with a company out of California. I tried to call the company we currently have to inform them that we changed the lock box code to Mothers home. All I got was a voice mail. The number we called for the company didn't even get back to us and it's 4 days now. So I pressed mom button and honestly it took about 3 minutes for them to response. Unsatisfactory, Finally when they responded I asked how do we cancel service. The representative was very rude. When I finally spoke to the rep they said that I was responsible on sending the equipment back to them. Well this is where medi alert help us. They help us in terminating the service with the company. Not only that they also sent us a label to return the equipment. So we packed the equipment up and mailed it back. 5 days later I tracked the package and it showed it was delivered. Since we paid over $400.00 for the 12 months service they refused to refund us the unused months. I have reported the other company to the BBB and my credit card company. We are paying half the cost of the service with medi alert and the response time was about 45 seconds. Thank you medi alert you are a life saver. Mother already referred a friend to medi-alert and they gave us an additional 3 months service for the referral. Now this is a trustworthy company. I have on my favorites and their phone number on my cell. Lots of love and Mother would say.
- Donna A

A Thank you Note

My family wants to thank the folks over at Rapid Response for the many years of reliable service they provided for Dad. Within the last 12 months Dad has pressed his button a few times and every time they notified me as I would go help Dad get up from the floor. Unfortunately my Dad was placed into an assisted living facility and they had this pull cord device. Seeing this we called Rapid Response up to have us reconnect the service. I would definitely recommend this company. Thanks-
- Dorothy N.


Thank you for sending Mom a new battery for her fall alert button. We feel secure with your service. And, Yes we would recommend medi alert to others.
- Betty A.

Refund and Service

Very good company to do business with. We purchased this medi alert service in January of 2019. Unexpectedly, Mom passed away in May and we no longer needed the service. Mom did press the button twice when she fell and Rapid Response responded and Mom was transported to the hospital. After returning the equipment I was refunded the balance of the monitoring service within 30 days. Before deciding on which company I was going to choose one main thing I was reading about companies not refunding the unused months back to the person. I did not find any bad reviews on this company and that is why I chose them. Yes I will refer you to family and friends. Keep the excellent work up. Thank you.
- Terry C.
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