Silver Fox Link Medical Alert System

While our Silver Fox Link services are very advanced, they are also very affordable and comfortable. Our medical alert programs are affordable and you can subscribe quarterly, semi-annually or annual terms with annual monitoring attracting significant discounts. Start by simply choosing the best plan below.
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Silver Fox Link Medical Alert System


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 Silver Fox Link Wristband Medical Alert SystemBe protected thru out your home with the New Silver Fox Link

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Silver Fox Link you can speak right from the pendant.

 These consoles are electronics and possibly they could fail. There may be a time for interruptions, and honestly, there is nothing anyone can do to have 100% fail safe with electronics. Please understand there is a variety of reasons that could affect the status of the consoles electronics. This is why we know how important it is for you to test your console at least once or twice a month to make sure everything is operating properly. We will do everything in our power to make sure you are safe and secure with our service.

If you have multiple phones throughout your home, we realize other phones in your home may not be hung up or turned off. To ensure your system works in the event of the prior happening, we suggest adding the RJ31X jack to your home. This jack is used for line seizure and reporting alarm codes to the monitoring center. This is good because the phone could be off the hook and how would we know? For more information speak to one of our representatives.

We recommends connection to an RJ31X telephone jack supplied by a local telephone company.  Failure to install an RJ31X telephone jack by Subscriber shall relieve us of any and all liabilities for any failure to communicate that may occur as a direct result of such failure. Service requires connection to a private telephone line. RRMA is not responsible in any way for the operation or maintenance of any appliance, instrument, or the telephone system to which the equipment is connected.


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