1st Annual Video Contest

Selfie & Short Video Contest – Leave us a review

Once again, we are here to introduce to you a few of our wonderful subscribers from thru out the country who realize the importance of having our medi-alert service in their homes.

There is one thing that makes us so happy, and it’s when we hear so many stories of members who have our medi alert lifesaving service and how happy they are to have it. So we’ve decided to have a film crew to go out and film some true testimonial from our subscribers nationwide. These people are not actors or spokespeople they are just valued medi-alert subscribers.

We are accepting video testimonials from all subscribes who wish to tell us how valuable and helpful medi-alert has been for you and your family. Actual potential medical emergencies should be described. Now if you can not do a video leave us a review.

Grand Prize

After reviewing all testimonials one will be chosen to receive 1 year monitoring service. All subscriber who participate will receive 1 month free monitoring service. The winning video testimonial will be announced on December 12, 2017.

submit your video testimonial.


  1. What do I do in this video contest?

    Shoot a short video testimonial about our services, telling us why you feel comfortable using our service and how our service is benefiting you. We all have a smart phone that can take videos. Simply make a video and upload it to us.

  2. What are the recording guidelines for this video?

    • Length of video must be at least 30 seconds; maximum 2 minutes.
    • Must contain the answers to these questions:
      • “How many other companies did you speak to before choosing us?”
      • “Why did you choose  Medi-Alert Services?”
      • “How has  Medi-Alert Service help?”
      • “How did  Medi-Alert Services handle your emergency?”
    • Any video format will do.
    • Video can be in any form.
    • Only English language is allowed.
    • Please, keep it fun.. and truthful.
  3. How do I submit my video testimonial?

    Your can submit your video testimonial via our online submission form .

  4. When does the contest ends?

    As soon as we reach our target of 50 videos within 9 months, we will close the contest. But, if there are still a lot of great videos being submitted, we will extend the contest for another month or so.

  5. Hmm.. I have other questions not listed above.

    If you have any further inquiries on our video testimonial contest, you can send us an email at cs@medi-alert.com