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To help us celebrate our 25th. year in business providing medical alert alarms we have slashed our  in home fall detection monitoring service to $25.00 per month. Annual Prepaid Service Required. Now that’s a big savings!


Basic Alert

Today, with so many Americans entering their senior years our medical alert alarms allows you to continue living the way you always have in your own home.

At the push of your waterproof help button your medical emergency will be responded to 24 / 7.

Simple choose necklace or wristband. Both are  Waterproof and light weight.

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Clip on Fall Detection

With traditional medical alert alarms your button must be pushed in order to summons for help.

What if you couldn’t push the button? Our Fall Alert Pendant will summons help even if you can’t push the button.

Now that’s very comforting for everyone. 

Available in necklace or belt clip style.

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Nurse Call / Fall Detection

Press the WHITE (Nurse-Line) button. You are connected to our 24-hour Nurse-Line Center through our Console.

The call center partners with over 30 hospitals with more than 1,000 physicians to provide you access to unmatched healthcare info. This partnership is unique in the industry today. (Optional – Separate Fee Required) Pendant available in a necklace style.

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GPS Mobile Help / Fall Detection

Unlike our Medical Alert Alarms the GPS Fall Detection Pendant  travels with you giving you the ability to summons for help away from your home.

This is the new extension of your home program.

Now, you can also be protected when you leave your home. This product is well warranted in the scope of today’s world.

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