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Medical Alert Pendants

Medical Alert Pendants and homecare agencies play a great role in helping seniors achieve wellness. Senior care agencies such as Assisting Hands® Home Care receive questions from clients who would like to know how their agency can help them find wellness. While home care agency caregivers are expert care providers, some may not be fully trained in wellness coaching.

Even without a wellness coach, home care agency caregivers can start down the path of improving a senior’s wellness. Here are some of the ways on how home care agencies can help seniors find wellness:

Carrying out regular Senior Wellness Checks

Start by carrying out wellness checks. Depending on the physical health of the senior this may be as simple as a physical-flexibility check. With this check-in mind, a suitable stretching routine can be established. Most seniors are not ready or capable of strenuous exercise. However, a simple stretching routine is within the physical boundaries of most seniors. And one can enjoy great benefits from simple stretches.

The added benefit of monitoring progress will let everyone – including family members – how well their senior loved ones are doing.

Monitoring the nutrition of the seniors while in care homes

The food which the seniors eat determines their health conditions. Again, home care agency caregivers may not be nutritional experts. They can however carry out a meal program prepared by a nutrition expert. Simple nutrition recommendations can go a long way. A wellness coach is often a great place to start looking for enhanced nutritional plans. Home Care agencies may want to look for wellness experts for guidance in this area.

Use of wellness monitoring devices on the seniors

Technology has made it possible for seniors to use wearable which can monitor their wellness levels. They track the calories burned by the seniors, blood pressure among other parameters that the seniors can check on to stay fit. The devices have even been designed to recommend the right steps which seniors can take to stay fit with sit down exercise program like Chairobics. Apart from monitoring the wellness of the seniors, they also offer warnings in case the senior is in trouble due to other factors.

Medical Alert Pendants

medical-alert-pendants-silver-fox-linkToday, with so many Americans entering their senior years our basic medical alert pendants will allow you to continue to live the way you always have in your own home.

At the push of your emergency help button, Your medical emergency will be responded to 24 hours a day.

Perhaps the most important aspect of health. Coaching and caregiving come to seniors at varying levels of commitment. Caregivers often spend much more time with seniors. Where wellness coaches often spend only one or a few hours with their clients per month or at maximum, per week.

However, wellness coaches are likely to have more specific recommendations. When the two work together great programs that can be routinely carried out can be established. In the area of mental wellness, one example is as follows. Wellness experts would agree, memory lane exercises are a great way to flex mind muscles.

Taking the seniors though old photo albums while having heart warning conversations, framing old pictures that have been buried in photo albums. These newly framed photos are often looked at several times over and over rekindling memories. Some even recommend swapping out photos every few months to start the process over.

Whatever the arrangement, home care agencies can work with wellness coaches to make seniors’ lives achieve greater wellness. As mentioned above, one such agency is Assisting Hands who provides home care services like getting an medical alert pendants in West Palm Beach and other areas in Palm Beach County.

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